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A Word From Patrick Kelly

One of the blessings I received recently was that of a flower festival. The members of the West Lancashire Flower club had designed and staged in the church of St Patrick in Southport what can only be described as meditations on the Mystery of the Lord and the life of the saints. Among them: Saint Therese of Lisieux. It was surely deep inspiration which led the designer to present the saint with her face away from us, hidden from us. The glory shall be to God and God alone.

This Directory is presented in that same fidelity of spirit. The contemplative life is most certainly a gift of the Spirit for the people of the Lord Jesus, and yet it presents itself, as it were, seeking to escape notice. I gladly commend this simple directory and encourage anyone who feels moved even to pick it up to be open to taking even the smallest of next steps.

+ Patrick Kelly

Archbishop of Liverpool

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