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Cistercians Nuns of the Strict Observance

he Cistercians are a monastic contemplative Order, acknowledging the Rule of St Benedict as their fundamental source of doctrine and practice, interpreted for these days in the revised Constitutions of the Order.

The life of each autonomous community is characterised by prayer, both public and private, manual labour and meditative reading. It is lived in obedience to a superior, and conversion of life, and its stability, lifelong commitment to one community.

The Cistercian apostolate is the indirect one of praise and prayer at the heart of the Church. As the Constitutions put it, 'the Contemplative life itself is their specific way of participation in the mission of Christ and of his Church, and of being part of the local Church.'

The formation takes place in the local community and lasts through postulancy, novitiate and first years of monastic profession. The times for each stage are decided specifically in each case by the superiors and the candidates themselves.

Holy Cross Abbey was founded at Stapehill in Dorset in 1802 by a small group of refugee Cistercian nuns from France, on property given by the 8 th Lord Arundel of Wardour. The nuns moved to their present address in 1991.

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Mother Abbess
Holy Cross Abbey WHITLAND
South Wales
SA34 0QX

Tel: 01994 240725
Fax: 01994 241183

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