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Society of the Precious Blood (SPB)

Within the walls of a medieval Abbey at Burnham lives the Society of the Precious Blood - a contemplative Anglican Augustinian Religious Community. Founded in 1905 their life and work is one of worship, thanksgiving and intercession. Rooted within the monastic tradition, the sisters live a life of prayer, silence, fellowship and solitude.

This life finds outward expression in caring for those who ask for their prayers and for guests who come, seeking an opportunity for quiet and reflection to deepen their own spiritual lives.

Guest and Retreat Facilities

There is a small guest house for individual (unconducted) retreats.

Companions and Oblates

Companions and Oblates of the Society are Christians who wish to identify themselves with the life and aims of the Society and to share in its worship and intercession as fully as possible according to the varying circumstances of their lives.

Further Information

Burnham Abbey
Lake End Road
Tel/Fax: 01628 604080

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