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Order of St Benedict (Anglican)

Saint Benedict sees the monastery as a school of the Lord's service where a united community endeavours to grow in stability, conversion of life and obedience within the enclosure. The call of God is the essential requirement for admission to the noviciate to share in the life of prayer, study and manual work in the house and grounds. The period of training before final profession is normally five and a half years. The guesthouse offers hospitality to those wishing to share the worship and peace of Saint Mary's Abbey for a few days.

Guest and Retreat Facilities

West Mailing was founded in 1891. We do not offer organised retreats apart from those for the oblates. Those wishing to make a private retreat are welcome to do so at the Guesthouse.


Oblates are men and women who feel called by God to follow the Benedictine way, but outside the cloister. They affirm their baptismal commitment by a promise of conversion of life worked out in a personal rule based on St Benedict's Rule. As members of the oblate family, they are united to the community and to their fellow oblates in mutual love and fellowship.

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