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Community of St Clare (OSC)

The Community of St Clare, founded in 1950, is part of the Society of St Francis. We are a group of women who live together needing each other's help to give our whole lives to the worship of God. Our service to the world is by our prayer, in which we are united with all people everywhere. We have a guest house so that others may join in our worship, and share the quiet and beauty with which we are surrounded. We try to provide for our own needs by growing much of our own food, and by our work of printing, wafer baking, writing and various crafts. This also helps us to have something material to share with those in greater need.

Guest and Retreat Facilities

Men, women and children are welcome at the guest house. It is not a 'silent house' but people can make private retreats if they wish. Please write to the Guest Sister at the Convent address.

Further Information

Mother Abbess
St Mary's Convent,
178 Wroslyn Road
Tel: 01993 881225
Fax: 01993 882434

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