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Benedictine Community of the Holy Cross

The Community of the Holy Cross was founded in 1857 by Elizabeth Neale (sister of John Mason Neale, the hymnographer), at the invitation of Father Charles Fuge Lowder. The foundation was intended for Mission work in Father Lowder's parish of London Docks, but succeeding generations felt that the Community was being called to a life of greater withdrawal, and earlier in the 20 th century the Benedictine Office, and later the Rule of St Benedict, were adopted.

The Community aims to achieve the Benedictine balance of prayer, study and work. All the work, whether manual, artistic or intellectual, is done within the Enclosure. The daily celebrations of the Eucharist and the Divine Office are the centre and inspiration of all activity.

Apart from worship, prayer and intercession, and the work of maintaining the house, garden and grounds, the Community's works are: the publications and greetings cards described below; providing retreats and quiet days; and dealing with a large postal apostolate.

Community Publications

The sisters write and publish two sets of leaflets of devotional and spiritual content. One concerns Unity between Christians and a wider ecumenism. The other is on Prayer and faith, reflecting the mission of the Church in the world. There is also an advent Newsletter published in early December.

Guest and Retreat Facilities

There is limited accommodation for residential, private retreats: one small guest cottage in the grounds, main meals are taken at the Convent. The Community also provides for Quiet Days for individuals or groups up to twenty.

Oblates and Associates

The Community has women Oblates who are attached to it in a union of mutual prayers. Each had a rule of life adapted to her particular circumstances. Oblates are not Religious but they seek to live their life in the world according to the spirit of the rule of St Benedict.

There are also Associates who have a much simpler rule.

Further Information

Mother Superior
Holy Cross Convent Rempstone Hall
LE12 6RG

Tel: 01509 880336
Fax: 01509 881812

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